Kingpin Killers

Kingpin Killers

Series: Kingpin Killers, Book 1
Genre: Thriller
Tag: new adult

Sasha Evans is a liar. A professional, in fact. She's also a killer part of a powerful and expansive Black Ops program that specializes in protecting and killing individuals at the top of the power pyramid in legal and illegal outfits. She answers to the highest bidder and her uncle's unyielding rules. The most important? Complete loyalty and obedience are mandatory.

So, when Sasha learns her allies are really enemies, she's forced to escape. But how is she supposed to kill them when they're the ones who taught her everything?

Kingpin Killers is a NA spy thriller novel and the first in the Kingpin Killers Saga. Filled with secrets, lies, high-speed chases, fight scenes, and life or death situations, Zara Hoffman's fast-paced story will grab you and keep you captive until the very end.

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