A witch. A siren. Soulmates?

Alec Belgrave has a lot on his plate. He’s protecting his sister Fawn from Hell while attending college. The last thing he expected was to hear her best friend was his soulmate.

As a siren, Ivy Moore knows a lot about attraction. But having a supernatural beauty is useless if her own soulmate doesn’t see her as anything more than his sister’s wild best friend. Is it so unreasonable to want her soulmate to want her without fate pulling the strings?

But when both Alec and Ivy see how being separated from her soulmate affects Fawn, they begin to realize that soulmates belong together. But that doesn’t mean love will come easy.

Unmoored is a young adult paranormal romance featuring magic and sirens. It is a spin-off novel of The Belgrave Legacy, and can be read as a sequel or stand-alone.

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