Query/Pitch Critique


Are you pursuing traditional publishing and you want some feedback on your pre-existing pitch or query before you submit to a Twitter event (like PitchWars or PitMad) or directly to an agent?

Fill out this form, and I’ll get it back to you within 24 hours



Why am I qualified? When I was an intern for a literary agency, I read over 100 queries in a day and was responsible for picking potential manuscripts out of the slush pile. It’s a matter of personal taste, but I can tell you what my 3 bosses always warned against.

Please note, this service is if you already have something for me to critique. I am not writing the description for you from scratch (though I can if you purchase this service for $54 instead). You can use this pitch and query while pursuing book reviewers, but I recommend having me create a book review request package for $72 because they expect different things than agents (something I have experience with as a PR intern who organized multiple book blog tours).


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