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Everyone is busy these days. If you’ve managed to get someone interested in your book, you can’t afford to send them on a drawn-out scavenger hunt for information. Keep it all in one, pretty place with One Sheet designed by yours truly.

Please fill out this form with the following information:

  • your book’s title
  • your book’s description (if you need help writing it, you can have me write it)
  • title fonts if you know the names of them
  • whether it is part of a series (the series name and book number)
  • your book’s price
  • your book’s ISBN (if it’s in multiple formats, please clearly label each one’s appropriate ISBN)
  • your author bio
  • your author photo
  • your eBook cover (JPG or PNG)
  • at least 5 titles of similar books
  • the best review for your book (if you have one)

3 day turnaround time

This service is also included in the Book Reviewer and Successful Author packages.


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