Hoffman Helpers

Thank you so much for your interest in being a beta reader for Obscure Origin. As a beta reader, you’ll get access to the final rough draft plus a Kindle version on Launch Day. If you don’t read on Kindle, I will directly email you a PDF or ePub copy. You may even see your name in my acknowledgment page.

By signing up, you promise to:

  1. Read the manuscripts and make comments in a timely manner. This will happen through BookFunnel. You will receive a new invitation link for each book you have agreed to beta.
  2. Write and post an honest review on Amazon and Goodreads the day the book is released (see details below). You’ll get a reminder email with the link to make it easier. You are not expected to give a positive review.

Thank you! Your help is greatly appreciated! There will also be book-specific exclusive giveaways for my Street/Beta Team(s).

By signing up, I agree to the following:

The story I read will remain confidential and will not be shown or reproduced to the public (people, internet, etc) without author’s permission. I will give the author any feedback on the story, and allow her to cite or excerpt my review without an additional request to do so. I also understand that there is no financial compensation for this arrangement, as that is against Amazon’s review policy.

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