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All emails regarding work should be directed to hirezara@zarahoffman.com. Feel free to email me with “Sample Edit” in the subject if you’re considering me as an editor for your latest book project.

Traditional manuscript format is as follows: 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1″ margins, formatted indents–no tabs) in a .docx or .pages file.

I currently only edit and critique fiction manuscripts because I am more familiar with the market. Genres that I know best are (in YA, NA, or Adult categories):

  • Contemporary/Realistic Fiction
  • Fairytale Retellings (contemporary, fantasy, or paranormal)
  • Fantasy (especially Paranormal)
  • Historical Fiction (like Historical Romance best)
  • Mythology Retellings (also called “Mythopoeia”)
  • Paranormal (like Paranormal Romance best)
  • Romance (most subgenres)
  • SciFi (especially Dystopian and Steampunk)
  • Suspense
  • Thriller

All of my services can be bought by both indie and traditional authors. The book description writing service can be for either type of author as a publishing necessity (for book pages or query letters), or as part of your creative process.

A note on order priority: Orders are prioritized by submission date, though I will, of course, meet a hard deadline. Please check turnaround times under each service/package and plan accordingly. Short projects (one-sheet and either book description service) may be completed the day of receiving the required information and payment depending on my workload and life commitments. Critiquing and editing will be started ASAP, but will take me longer.

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Having Zara Hoffman as my mentor was a fantastic experience. Her comments were insightful and knowledgeable. I enjoyed being her mentee and would definitely work with her again!

Jamie McLachlan

Working with Zara was an eye-opening experience. Even though I had plenty of eyes on my manuscript, she still found things we missed. My manuscript is in far better shape thanks to her review.

Anna Langford

Zara Hoffman functioned as a key member of my beta team during the revision process of my first novel, Fire of Stars and Dragons, and during the development and revisions stages of its sequel, Blood of Stars and Gods. She provided outstanding feedback in a timely manner, maintaining a critical eye for editorial errors as well as recommendations driving character and plot development. With Zara’s excellent beta-reading assistance, Fire of Stars and Dragons released to great reviews and achieved rankings in the Amazon Top […]

Melissa A. Petreshock

Zara rocks! The novel I sent her was huge—500 pages and 130,000 words—but she was quick and efficient about it. Her notes were clear and helpful. I definitely recommend her!

Sierra Abrams

Zara was an absolute blast to work with. Her feedback was constructive when it came to criticism, and her genuine excitement and interest in my project was very encouraging. Zara gave solid advice without overstepping or suggesting something that wouldn’t fit the story. Her quick turnaround time and availability were very convenient. I highly recommend working with her if you get the chance.

Jessi Elliott