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Broadway Chat: Tony-nominated actress Anika Larsen

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As you all know, I'm obsessed with musical theater thanks to my mom's love for the industry (and the fact that she produced the musical Zanna, Don't! when I was young which meant I spent a lot of weekends backstage or in the audience). Anika Larsen was one of the stars in that and has gone on to be in the original Broadway cast of Xanadu, starred as Clio in the tour, and was nominated for a Tony as Cynthia Read more

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Like or love musical theater? Don't know a lot about it? Either way, come join us and listen to us geek out about the musical theater industry while we may or may not be drinking. Join in with your own (if you're of age). Danielle: Website | Instagram Glory: Ko-fi | YouTube | Twitch | Instagram | Twitter Hayley: Ko-fi | YouTube | Twitch | Instagram Holly: Ko-fi | YouTube | Instagram Maddie: YouTube | Instagram Nia: Ko-fi | YouTube Read more