Fearful Fairytales Omnibus

Fearful Fairytales Omnibus

Without magic, the story is about to get a lot darker.

Elena’s abusive stepfamily have made her a real-life Cinderella. It's her darkest secret, and one she intends to keep, but when a childhood friend returns, it might not be so easy. Can she open up to him? Find out what happens in Shattered Glass, Book 1.

After losing her younger sister Nina in a car crash, Enya is determined to punish the girl responsible. To avenge her sister, Enya blackmails a nerd, a romantic, and a rebel into helping her. Read about her misadventures in this inverted take on The Wizard of Oz in Jaded, Book 2.

Ava Trevino wants Ethan Dawson to notice her and asks Jessica Vega to transform her into someone he'll want. Read about her journey to self-acceptance in this contemporary take on Hans Christian Anderson's The Little Mermaid in Shallow, Book 3.

Anastasia and Valerie are twins separated at birth and lead very different lives. They agree to make a switch, but what happens when one sister wants to keep her new life? Read this thriller adaptation of Swan Lake and The Prince and The Pauper in Envious, Book 4.

Keira Edwards finds herself unprepared when she is abducted and brought to a secluded cabin in the woods. But she is determined to escape and save her sick grandmother before the bad wolf gets both of them in this chilling retelling of Little Red Riding Hood: Ravaged Red, Book 5.

Sent to a correctional boarding school, Alice realizes everyone there has a secret. In a drug-induced Wonderland, she embarks on a journey that leads to a terrifying revelation. Find out what happens in Where Madness Dwells (co-authored with Emma Higgins), the 6th book.

Fearful Fairytales gives you 6 full-length novels retelling Zara Hoffman’s favorite tales plus a few essays about the nature of fairytales. Filled with more than a few grim scenarios, this series will make you wish magic was real and that life was a fairytale.

About the Book
Series: Fearful Fairytales, Book 7
Genre: Contemporary
Tags: fairytale, retelling, young adult
Publisher: ZH Press
ISBN: 9780989629423
About the Author
Zara Hoffman

Zara Hoffman is an English Major in her final year of undergrad. She has been writing since she was eight years old. She spends most of her free time writing new stories because if she didn’t her head would likely explode. Her books are for young adults or the young at heart. After all, growing up is overrated.

When she isn't wrapped up in projects, Zara listens to music, plays with her dog, or hangs out with friends. As an avid reader, Zara loves writing book reviews for her favorite books. Connect with Zara below, and don't forget to subscribe to her mailing list.


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