Team Israel’s Finalists & Alternatives

As you may recall me mentioning, I am a leader of 1 of 3 NA Teams in the writing competition #FicFest. At the end of March, I shared what I and my 2 Israel team members were looking for. Starting April 24th and ending April 25th, you all submitted manuscripts for us to choose from and now I am happy to announce our 3 finalists (and 1 alternate).

I, Zara Hoffman, have chosen Seeds of Odium by Jamie McLachlan, a NA Fantasy novel, to mentor in revisions leading up to the agent round.

​Vanessa Rodriguez has chosen the The Luckiest by J.R. Luis, a NA Contemporary Romance novel, to mentor in revisions leading up to the agent round.

​Edith Lalonde has chosen the Hidden Under the Moon by Trace Kerr, a NA Urban Fantasy novel, to mentor in revisions leading up to the agent round.

And all three of us, as a team, have chosen Beauty Bound by Anna Langford, a NA Fantasy novel, to be our alternate in case one of our above choices cannot continue. If that is the case, we will mentor this submission in revisions leading up to the agent round instead of the one it is replacing.

Congratulations to our picked authors and anyone else who has been chosen by the 14 other teams (including PB, MG, YA, NA, and A) of FicFest! Click here for a full list of all finalists.

Before you close this window to celebrate, here are 2 important reminders to the winners of listed above from the FicFest Submission Guidelines:

  1. If you are chosen as a finalist, we ask that you do not enter any other writing contests until the conclusion of the #FicFest Agent Round on July 14, 2016.
  2. Also, if you are chosen as a finalist and you currently have any partial or full requests out to agents, or you receive a partial or full request, or offer of representation from an agent or publisher during the contest, please let your Team Leader know immediately.

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